5 Different Types of Freelancers

As a freelancer, you may confuse yourself about the different types of freelancers. Freelance workers are composed of 5 different types that encompass the whole world. Each one has its own distinctive qualities and you will see the freedom and flexibility of freelancing.

1. Independent or Self-reliant Contractors Freelancers

Traditional Freelancers
Traditional Freelancers

This is the most common form of freelancers, you could be one right now. These freelancers don’t have a company or a specific employer. Sometimes called “Traditional Freelancers”, doing “project to project” or temporary basis. They have multiple clients, projects, and source of income. Almost 40% of the current freelance force are in this category.

2. Moonlighters

Moonlighters - Freelance worker at night
Moonlighters – Freelance worker at night

The name itself tells the job description, specifically are those freelancers who have a regular job in a company but also works at night to supplement the living expenses due to lower wage or simply looking for additional income. Second highest in the number of workers according to the category. Example: Ferdie work as a teacher 8hrs a day, 5 days a week, but because his job cannot supplement his living expenses he needs to work as an online tutor at night.

3. Diversified Workers

Part time online job
Part time online job

This person makes most of their time into freelancing or doing part time job. Working at the office for 8 hours, doing a side job at night and writing an article whenever he/she has free time, this is one of the examples of diversified workers, they are often get confused with Moonlighters, only they have a mixture of activities throughout the day. These workers have a tight and unpredictable schedule and also the busiest of all.

4. Temporary Workers

Project based Freelancers
Project based Freelancers

This type of freelancers is working on a project based basis with a specific timeline or in a form of contract with a client or a company. After the completion of the task, they are back again to being a freelance. In order to meet demands, they are often hired. temporary workers can also be hired as a regular employee if the company decides so, it mostly depends on the output or performances of a temporary worker.

5. Business Owners

Online Business Owners
Online Business Owners

As a freelancer itself, you can create your own company and sells services to other people or client. This is basically the same with employer system. The business owner can be a freelancer itself and employees are also freelance. One notable example for this is Ilise Benun of and Preston Lee of

So which of the 5 types of freelance are you?

Would you like to join the freelance community?

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