7 Staying Fit and Healthy Exercise for Freelancers


Freelancers are often found in public places or cafes but mostly at home facing their laptops, PC or communicating thru mobile phones. Others might say that they have more free time to spare than most people. Well, it’s half true, or to say not all the time. Freelancers also face difficulties in terms of work schedule and on staying healthy.

Being fit and healthy is very important whether you are working home or not. Freelancers encounter unpredictable shift of schedules, deadlines, and unexpected emergencies. It will be difficult to maintain your daily exercise or gym schedule, which in turn will affect your health in the long run.

There are plenty of home exercise you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the tight schedule, here are some quick and easy examples.

1. Walking / Brisk Walking


This is the most basic form of exercise that you can execute, and guess what? you can do this anywhere! You can insert this during your break. It is ideal for all ages and helps reduce the chance of having diseases such as heart illness, diabetes, asthma, stroke, and cancers. Of course, you need to this consistently in order to see feel the changes. The recommended is 10,000 steps every day according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just by doing these will walk you into a healthier lifestyle.

2. Stretching

This is another simple method to exercise while at home. Working straight for a few hours can make your body stiff, this will also avoid many problems that can come from sitting for long periods of time. Stretching helps relieve stress and helps circulate your blood flow by relaxing your tense muscles. Remember to stretch your body once in a while.


3. Jumping jacks

Doing jumping jacks for 5-10 mins can help burn calories. It is good for your arms and legs. It is a well-known and common form of cardiovascular exercise.

4. Shadowboxing

Yes, shadowboxing is not only used for fitness by athletes, it is also a form of exercise that is recommended at home. It is a good cardiovascular exercise, do this for about 5min.


5. Squats

The squat is a full body exercise that contains many benefits. It affects the muscles of your thighs, hips, and buttocks. It also strengthens the bones and ligaments. You can do this with or without weights. Stand-up straight and bend your knees with your two arms stretched out, parallel to the ground, back to standing position. Do it slowly and do it for 3 sets of 10. You can increase the number of squats per day depending on your preferences but don’t overdo it. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen your body not to get injured.

6. Pull-ups

Another easy exercise that you do anywhere even while travelling. You can use any inexpensive bar lying around in your backyard or tree branch that is strong enough to withstand your weight.

7. Burpees

Or squat thrust is an aerobic exercise, equipment free and easy to execute. Begin in a standing position, drop into a squat position while your hands on the ground, kick your feet back into a plank position while keeping your arms extended. Immediately return your feet to the squat position. Stand-up from the squat position and repeat for 10 to 20 per minute.

You can perform this kind of exercise on a daily basis. If you are worried about your health, you can do this exercise to stay fit.

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