Which computer should you buy? – A Freelance Guide.

You want to showcase your skills and talents in the online community, you quit your job or possibly taking a part-time job. You are ready to venture into endless opportunity the internet world has to offer.

When you are already working or just started you need to consider an important factor, choosing an appropriate computer or laptop.

This is a very important factor because it will the device that you will be working on with your projects & tasks the entire time. You don’t want to work on a computer with who knows how many years you’ve been using it or it has been there since you were a kid. Or

Blue screen of death
Computer or Laptop

you’re probably experiencing those annoying long web page loads or application not responding error, worst case is a repetitive BSOD or “Blue Screen of Death”.

With how our technology keeps on advancing faster than your brisk walk in the morning. There are plenty of choices with regards to which kind of computer or electronic devices would suit you, it’s like walking into a convenience store where snacks and drinks are your electronic devices. Different brands, plethora or choices, some tastes good, some products are specifically tailored for some task. Either you want a gaming rig or computers that can handle multiple application running at the same time.

The good thing about technology is you get to choose. This can be a positive thing but can also be remarkably disastrous if you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t want to buy so expensively yet you can’t fully use it functionalities or buy a cheap one and then realize that it can’t handle application that you need.

So how do we choose?

Technically speaking it all goes down to what kind of work you will do and between what you want. You can either build your own or buy a set. The good thing about the internet is you can do a research on the computer. So spend some time reading blogs and reviews especially on youtube cause they actually do an actual test.

buy a computer


You may come across whether you choose a desktop or a laptop for your work. The main advantage of a desktop is it’s upgradable, you can customize your computer from storage

A desktop workstation

to ram to your mouse, everything even the look itself. Meaning if you bought a cheaper desktop and in the future in cases that you got a different job or a new task that requires higher requirements you can upgrade it.

Cons: As a freelancer, you get to have a lot of freedom and flexibility, you can either work at home, in internet cafes or public places. In this case, you can’t bring your desktop. Well you could but aside from too much and too many to pack, have you seen people bringing desktop in public places to work?


This is the ideal and recommended computer to have. Portable, easy to bring, less space. Practically you can bring it anywhere with you as long as you bring your charger and has an internet connection.

Portability is a key feature

Cons: Laptops has limited upgrades, aside from few components that are upgradeable like RAM, SSD or HDD, the rest of monitor, motherboard, processor & GPU are basically intact or are soldered together. It is also susceptible to heat over a long period of time, high-end laptops are more tolerant to heat.

Choosing a right computer can be a bit tricky. So before you get to buy one, either you are following the certain opinion of your friends or colleague, be sure to do a little research. Their preferences may differ from yours, so spending a little researching can be rewarding in the end.

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