Top 9 Google Chrome Extensions I Used For Web Development

Google Chrome extensions have been an essential part of my web development career and have helped me through those pains staking midnight coding. In this article, I will be sharing what Google Chrome extensions I usually use and why. I hope this could guide you on your way to becoming an excellent freelancer.

My Top Google Chrome Extensions

  1. User Agent Switcher

    User Agent SwitcherAre you fed up with using multiple browsers, devices, and machine to test your website? Check this out, User Agent Switcher allows you to switch your google chrome browser user agent and test your website in different ways. Notable switches you could are internet explorer, firefox, kindle, android and more. You can even add a user agent not included in the default list.

  2. LastPass

    This is one of the most used Google Chrome extension that I have. I would often use it every single day for personal use and work. LastPass allows you to save usernames and passwords for websites you visited, registered or details manually added to their vaults. It is also great for teams who work on single or multiple projects as it allows sharing and requesting of login details in a secure way. A user who requested a login detail may receive access without even knowing what the password is.

    The LastPass Vault
    The LastPass Vault
  3. Page Ruler

    Gone are the days of using real physical rulers to check your website element alignments. I would remember the time that I would try to search for the most straight object I could use as a ruler until I found this extension, stupid right? As the name suggests, Page ruler will provide you with a tool to measure your websites alignments, divisions, and images. It would also give you information about its heights, widths and or the distance of the object from the edges of the screen.

    Page Ruler Being Used On Our Site
    Page Ruler Being Used On Our Site
  4. Grammarly

    GrammarlyI am not a native speaker of the English language and would often end up with a wrong grammar or spelling while developing a website, Grammarly comes with free or premium use, but I assure you even the free version is good enough for your daily work. This extension would expertly suggest a proper way to phrase your sentence, correct your spellings and suggest synonyms by just double clicking any word.

    If you want to try out the premium version for FREE click here “1-week free premium Grammarly“.

  5. Google Keep

    There are lots of organizational tools extension that are way more popular than the Google Keep.However, Google Keep is the one I am most convenient to use because it allows me to sync my notes between my computer, my tablet and my phone.  Whats cool is you can all do this with just your chrome browser, no need for any other application.

  6. Web Developer

    Variety Of Web Developer Tools
    Variety Of Web Developer Tools

    This tool extends the native web tool chrome has but giving much more diverse tools and information about the website you are working on. Some notable examples are the ability to quickly disable javascript, plugins, and popups, Tools to validate CSS, HTML, and even links. It available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

  7. Bootstrap Grid & Bootstrap 3.3.x Offline Guide

    Do you often forget and end up googling a certain Bootstrap component? Are you just beginning and learning bootstrap? Are you wondering why I keep asking things? Well, these two extensions are best, especially for new bootstrap learners. The bootstrap grid gives you a way to outline a grid on a website you are working on. while Bootstrap 3.3.x Offline Guide gives you an option to browse the Bootstrap documentation while not connected to the internet. What is great about the latter is because you won’t need to open a new tab and open the bootstrap site just to look for a specific code, This time its just a click away.

    Bootstrap Grid Tools and Options
    Bootstrap Grid Tools and Options
  8. Wappalyzer

    There would come a time that you would wonder what platform a certain website is using. This extension is the answer for that. In order to cure your curiosity or expand your web development knowledge, Wappalyzer is an extension that allows you to detect what CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc), eCommerce platform (Magento, OSCommerce, etc), web frameworks, server and analytics tools the website you’re are visiting uses.

  9. ColorZilla

    colorzillaWouldnt it be great if you could use the photoshop color picker on your browser? Guess what? You actually can. ColorZilla originally from Firefox, can now be used in chrome. This great extension bestows upon you the ability to use a color picker. Like Photoshop, you can just click the eye drop icon and click on the part of the website element you want to check the color properties. This is not the only feature it has. It is able to generate a CSS color gradient, Color History of recently picked colors, Auto copy picked colors to a clipboard and much more for you to explore.

As a Web Developer or even a normal person, Google Chrome extension will always be part of your work and daily life. Now more are being created as we speak because of this working online has been made easier. If you are just learning or interested in an online work please read my article “A guide to starting your online job” and hopefully help you land your well-paying online job.

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