What kind of online work can you do from home? – Our Own Experience

Online work is not only for programmers and tech heavy geeks, Common types of works right now are being outsourced online. In this article, I will share some of my own experience with different online work over the years.

Types Of Online Work You Can Do At Home

There are plenty of online work if you know how and importantly what to look for. I will list some of the works I’ve experienced before and hope it could be a guide to finding yours.

Video Transcribing

Online Work - Video Transcribing
Online Work – Video Transcribing

This online work only needs a few things, a computer, a good headset, and a good hearing. What I used to do is listen to youtube videos and transcribe them for blogging. This online work is easy and can be done by first-time freelancers. Check out Transcribeme and Upwork for some job listing.

Creating Ads

I’m not really good with designing stuff but I was once able to make a few bucks by creating ads with various sizes. Through graphic river, an Envato marketplace I was able to sell a few ad banners which paid a few bills. The good thing about this is you don’t need to be an advanced user just know your basics. You will just keep on earning as long as your product is still in the marketplace.

Bug Testing

Online work as a bug tester
Online work as a bug tester

This online job goes well if you have many gadgets or different computers laying around. Working as a bug tester is good enough as a part time job for me. having multiple devices with different versions or operating system is a plus because you will have more option to test apps or system. Also, you only get paid whenever you found a legit bug so make sure you have an eagle eye for perfection.

Chat Support

This could be one of the most stressful jobs you could do because you will chat to customers which are often angry about something. this kind of jobs needs patience and a complete knowledge of any product or services you work under. The good thing about this is you could still work any time of the day as chat support are usually 24/7 such example is Apple at Home.

Teach Online

A lot of Asian websites are now hiring tutors to teach English or other languages. this type of online work only needs a good computer, stable internet connection and a liking for teaching. Doesn’t even need you to be well versed in the given language so complete mastery is not a requirement. Typically done through skype call, Video or Audio only and you will be provided by courses before starting.

Data Entry

Do you like typing? Do you like a recurrent task? This might be a job for you. Data entry is an online work that doesn’t need a complicated set of skills. All you need to do is enter or update data in a

Turn any skills you have to an online work
Turn any skills you have to an online work

computer system, website or software. This job is hard for me because I get easily bored doing the same thing every day. Clients of this kind of online work usually pay by the hour or works you can finish within the day.

Anything you can do

Can you teach guitar? You’re are a good researcher? Impersonate a celebrity? or you have a redonkulous birthday card designing ability? Then Fiverr is for you. This site allows you to sell your personal skills or abilities as a service for about 5 dollars hence Fiverr. If you are good at something then don’t do it for free. It’s not close to getting your well-paying online job but then it’s a start.

This is only some of the online work I’ve experienced so far and there are plenty more if you just know where to look. Check out this article “Quick Guide To Starting Your Online Job” for a more in depth guide on how to start working online. Comment below any question you have. Thanks!


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