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Tools are physical things that help us do more, with ease and better in our task or something we work on. In the online world, there are also online tools that have the same function, that is to help us, only it is not physical ones. Known as Applications Software / Applications or simply Apps.

Applications are either a program or a group of programs created by developers for the end users.

Two types of application software for your online job

System Software – A system like for example your operating system or OS, Utilities, Compilers, File management tools etc.

Application Software – a group of coordinated functions designed for users that will help them on certain task or activities. A prevalent example is Microsoft Word, Desktop Calculator, widgets on your desktop, web browser, photo editor etc.

If you are engaging in an online job or business. These software applications are of a huge help.

Here are some of the software applications according to a category that is popular today

Online tools
Find your ideal online tools to land you perfect online job

Video Editing Applications:

Adobe Premier Pro – Adobe has been providing assistance to designers and marketing individuals across the globe for many years thru its various software. Adobe also offers plenty of software that suits your needs. Check out their latest products here.

Apple Final Cut Pro X – the name itself tells its credibility. a professional editing tool for Mac users.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 – another proud product from the Corel, fun & easy video editing with plenty of features.

Freelance Tools for Communications:

Skype – great apps for groups or personal use. Founded since 2003 and it’s been one of leading apps in this category.

Gmail – email is the most basic form of communication if you’re working online. Google mail has an interface which is very easy to use, and other interconnected apps like Google Docs & Google Drive.
Asana – it was designed to help the team manage & track their work efficiently. Better work management means more productivity.

Asana – it was designed to help the team manage & track their work efficiently. Better work management means more productivity.


Final Draft – if you are into article or blog. You will probably be using your built-in office applications, words, sheets, power points etc, but they offer limited functionalities which other people need. According to they recognize Final Draft to be one of the best Writing App of 2017.

Scrivener – another great app for book writer enthusiasts. It has the same functionality with other writing apps but includes special functions. Packed with importing functions, file management, planning options and more.

Grammarly – when you write an article or blog, might be for personal or work purpose, proofreading must always be done after finishing the article or blog. Across the world, people are now using Grammarly as a proofreading software.It reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, improves vocabulary and suggests alternative words. All in all, It’s an amazing app for beginner and professional alike.

Social Media:

Buffer – helps you manage multiple social media accounts, features a simple interface and you can easily share and schedule post.

Feedly – world’s most popular RSS and blog reader, it runs in browser and mobile. You can keep track of different news and share it. A great tool for marketing research and staying up to date with the current trend.

The online world is vast and these are just a few when it comes to applications that can help you gained an advantage to land your perfect online job. Over the passage, more and more applications will improve and created. Whatever it is, one thing is sure, they do make our work much much easier.

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