How to overcome distractions when working at home

Have you ever got so angry that you wanna throw your laptop or stomp someone’s face because you cannot come up with a word or two for your article?

Procrastinating with your homework because of the noise around you? Worst is the staggering deadline for your project yet you need to deal with household chores or other troublesome matters?

distractions when working at home can cause stress
distractions when working at home can cause stress

This is one of the many things that rob away our concentration whether we are only relaxing or working more commonly known as “Distractions”.

Working at home can bring plenty of benefits as an employee but sadly distractions won’t let you off and this is a big NO as a freelance.

So what should we do to overcome distractions in our very own home?


Isolate your workplace or study area

A practical way to avoid unnecessary distractions is to keep your room locked or not letting anyone get to disturb you during this important time. Some might hang signs outside their doors to notify other people that you are not to be disturbed unless it is an important matter.

This way you can concentrate fully on yourself or work and be able to produce an outstanding output.

Turn off irrelevant electronic devices

We have to admit that technology plays a big role in our life. We cannot deny its existence and usage, thus it can also be a distraction to us.

You can focus more if you try to tune down the volume to the music we listen, making your mobile phone in silent mode/vibrate to keep those annoying messenger chat heads off your ears as well as any annoying sounds that may originate from your phone.

This also applies to other electronic devices, turn it off if it’s not important and you can also help conserves energy. How good is that?

Get rid of distractions
Get rid of distractions

Calming your breath

Just take a long slow deep breath and exhale it through your lips. This is a good exercise if you are losing concentration and wanted to take a break.

We are not made of steel, so it is only natural to be affected by stress and loss of focus due to distractions. Take a couple of deep breaths when you feel that your losing focus, it helps relax the muscles in your face, jaws, shoulders, and stomach.


Motivates yourself

Things won’t come to fruition if you don’t motivate yourself to focus and to stay out of distractions. There’s a saying that goes “If there’s a will, there’s a way“.

No matter how many tricks you do to isolate distraction if you still entertain it, it is useless if you don’t motivate yourself.

Working at home is great, but plenty of distraction can ruin it. Do you have any tips aside from our list that you can share?

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