Quick Guide to Start Your Online Job


Browsing over the internet, using social media or whatever you are doing on the internet you may come across particular advertisement saying, “Work From Home” or “Start your online job”. Either you are jobless, employed or looking for new opportunities or work, the internet is a place where plenty of choices can be found.

If you are already familiar with the word “Freelance”, and you are interested in becoming one, you might be asking yourself how to start working online, whether part-time or full-time jobs it doesn’t matter.

Over the internet, many websites offer job opportunities for everyone as long as you have the necessary skills, you can google it yourself, ask a friend or even seen it advertise on your social media.

Popular places are:

  3. Toptal
  4. Elance
  5. Freelancer

You can choose from any of these websites or you might already have one in mind. All of them can help you start with your online start with your online job.

Register an account.

The internet is a place anyone can visit. This also applies to websites that offer jobs online or home based jobs. This is the primary step into starting your online job. You can view job offers on their websites but you cannot send an application unless you are registered, registration is very simple just like signing up in you Facebook or creating an email account. After that, you can proceed to the next step: that is Creating your Profile or Portfolio.

Create a profile

This is the very important part when you start your online job. Create your portfolio, list all the skills, work experience, educational attainment, or training you have attended, yes all of them! The freelance marketplace has a variety of job opportunities so it is recommended to showcase all of your skills, the more the better, the more chances to be accepted by a client or contractors. This also includes necessary information such as mode of payments, hourly rate etc.

Use this tool to easily create your own cover letter “Amazing Cover Letters


Job Searching

Now after completing all of the above steps, you are now ready to start your online job. Browse thru all the job offers or use a specific keyword that suits your skills. Contact the employer or client and submit examples of your work, this is optional but recommended. Don’t worry if you won’t get a response right after. Take some time to read the policies in regard to how the online job community works.
Do not be discouraged if you will be rejected a couple of times. Even famous genius face countless failures so keep trying because there is plenty of opportunities out there. There is also a community in case you are in need of advice or consultations, and these are free!

You should always make sure you have the right computer and the right online tools.

Once you have started your online job, you will discover the freedom and flexibility being a freelancer. You are not restricted to a single online freelance marketplace that you choose to register. You can go over to other websites to increase employment rate.

Good luck and experience a new world where opportunities are gathered together.

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