How hard is it to build a website using WordPress with no experience?

Having a website for personal or financial use is nowadays a norm. But not everyone has the skills to make one or the money to have one. Most often people would ask me if it’s hard to build a website using WordPress and I would often reply it depends on you. I would reply with the same answer always because it’s true. All you need in order to make a WordPress site is online and free.

In this article our share to you some of my knowledge in building a WordPress site without the needs of complicated coding skills and spending a hefty amount of money.

Where do you start?

how hard is wordpress

Hosting? Domain? Yup, that is the two of the first concerns you may have but there are a bunch of hosting companies that are cheap enough for you, You just need to know where to look.

First of all, WordPress has a free hosting with a free domain plan go check that out here In here you are able to create a blog, a portfolio or a website and a corresponding theme to go with it. They offer a bunch of free themes and you can change them whenever you like and if you have some spare money you could always buy some better premium themes. We actually started our site here since we were just starting and I would say its a good start for creating blogs and portfolios. Sadly, If you won’t buy the paid package you are not able to install plugins you want and or edit the themes codes.

If you feel more adventurous and wanted more freedom then you could try buying your own hosting account. We at use Namecheap for one good reason, you get to pay only 9.88 dollars for the first year. It’s very cheap hosting that comes with a free domain with this you could go ahead and create your website without hitting the bottom of your wallet.

Is It Difficult to Install WordPress?

Wordpress BeginnerNO. Don’t be intimidated, all you need to do is know how to read and follow instructions. If you were able to open your computer then you are able to install WordPress.  There are two ways to install it, The easiest way is through your Cpanel Auto-Installer or doing it the manual way.

Once you got your Cpanel from Namecheap or any hosting account login and locate your App Auto-Installer. You should be able to find a list of Web Application you can install and one of those should be WordPress. You don’t have to do anything rather than just clicking install and enter any credentials needed such as email address, username, and password for your WordPress admin. Once you are done you will be provided by the Site’s Url and the Admin Url. If you are not able to find your Web Application Installer contact your hosting account via Live chat, They will help you locate it in a matter of seconds.

Doing it the manual way

If you want to do it manually, You would need to download the latest version of WordPress and Upload it to your web directory. Go to your Cpanel admin and locate your file explorer/manager inside you should find your public_html directory where you should be uploading your WordPress files. You could opt to upload the whole zip file since the File manager has an extractor. Note: Make sure you upload the files in the root and put the WordPress files outside its WordPress when you extract it.

Wordpress NewbieOnce your files are ready just go back to your Cpanel admin and Click Mysql Database wizard follow the instruction to create your database and record the names including the username and password for that password which you should give all privileges.

Open your website URL where you should be able to see the WordPress installer. Fill in the username, password, and email you want for your WordPress admin and after that, you should also fill in the database details you created earlier. If everything goes well you should be welcomed by your WordPress site.

What Can You Do With WordPress?

In your admin area, you will be able to create your pages, menus and start writing your content. But first, you will need to pick the theme you will use for your site. All you need to do is go to Appearance > Themes where you will have an option to install Themes for FREE. Go ahead and test them out by clicking preview before installing them.

Another one essential part of WordPress is the ability to install plugins. Plugins come for free and paid, you can even download them from third party sites. Plugins such as contact forms, Image Galleries and widgets like PayPal buttons or calendars.

Explore WordPress

If you don’t plan on developing codes or fully customizing a WordPress site is pretty much easy to use. Options and tools are straight forward and well-documented themes/plugins are easy to find. If you are just beginning in the world of web development, WordPress is also one of the best CMS you could start with.

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