What Can I Do To Get A Good Well-paying Online Job? – My Personal Experience

Everybody wants a well-paying job and working online is no different. An online job is one of the best jobs I ever had and believe me I’ve been through a lot before I found my well-paying online job. If you want to know the basics please visit my post about “Quick guide to start your online job”.

What should you be doing to land that well-paying online job?

I will be listing some tips and guides on how to land that perfect well-paying online job you always wanted. Though you need to put in mind that it won’t be just a walk in the park. Getting a well-paying online job takes time, effort, skills and patience. A lot of patience because you will encounter all sorts of bosses in the online world. Let’s get started.

Well-paying Online Job - The Freelance Couple
Looking for an online job? The struggle is real – The Freelance Couple

1. Straighten up that Resume/CV

First impressions last as they always say, but it’s also true on finding an online job. Clients and recruiters may just design to continue or not the interview just based on your resume or cv. Don’t put everything in there. Nobody wants to read how you survive a heartbreak. Try to make it simple and precise, like making your contact information noticeable or keeping it short, Like a page or 2 long.

They are mostly hiring your for you skills and talents and not your educational background. Try and make sure you get your skills prominent and even your past job (Making sure they all connected to what you are applying for). If all else fails, Get a professional help. Don’t need to be embarrassed, we all need a little help sometimes. Check out some online services such as “How to write a professional resume”  and “Amazing Cover Letters” to eventually land that well-paying online job you want.

2. Build your online portfolio

Well-paying online job - Create an online portfolio
Create an online portfolio

This comes hand and hand with your resume or cv. Building your online portfolio will give clients chance to check your work in an instance. The best online portfolio would be creating your own website. You don’t have to waste precious money to create your personal website. Try out free platforms such as or, They offer free and easy to use tools in creating your own website. If you want a more control of your website you could always buy your own hosting account. Just like our site, we use Namecheap. As of this writing, offers your first year free of charge it even comes with a free domain.

Your online portfolio will act as the confirmation of skills you listed in your resume or cv. Add everything you have done so far. All your designs, articles and even photos you have taken. Your website will be the representation of yourself and you don’t want it to look awful and incomplete.

3. Improve your skills ALWAYS

Technology will continue to evolve and you should make sure you don’t get left out. Being only good at a certain version of a programming language or Photoshop ain’t good enough. Make it habit to always check online and get updated on the new trends you are affiliated at be it web developing, designing, writing, and or SEO.

Continue to improve your skills and master it, that way you will be more confident knowing your skills sets are not obsolete. I’ve known a lot of developers or programmers who has been a master of their craft just by making a hobby of coding every day.

4. Acquire new skills

Well-paying Online Job - The Freelance Couple
Always try new skills and improve your current ones.

Nowadays, having only a single skill to boost is not good enough. Such example is being a Virtual Assistant. Being a virtual assistant does not mean you only do administrative work anymore, more and more clients will be needing you to work on web development and even designing. We all know programming is not easy to learn especially designing (referring to my self) but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you know your way around.

Try to do some free training online like at W3SCHOOL where I first learned HTML and CSS. You might even find out that you are also good at other things. So, Be open minded and learn new things and try to impress your prospective client with your multitasking skills.

5. Sign up to reputable freelance site

Well-paying Online Job - The Freelance Couple
Never give up on your goal

One of the most common questions I hear often is “Where can I find an online job?“. I too once ask that question. It was 7 years ago since I started working as a web developer and struggled to find the perfect well-paying online job I always wanted. I tested every possible freelancing site I could find some were really successful but some a scam.

In my experience, one of the best outsourcing marketplaces I tried is OnlineJobsPh, Upwork, and Easyoutsource. I personally tested all 3 of the site I listed and I would say that OnlineJobsPh is the best one so far. They would allow you to set up your own profile and a rating system for your skills. You would also be able to take an IQ test or English proficiency test to improve your overall employability. Whichever platform you use for applying make sure you do a proper research on your prospective employer, you don’t want to work for free, do you? I myself learned that the hard way.

6. Accept rejects and failures

I have been rejected and fired before, some for stupid reasons but that did not stop me. You should always prepare your self for the hardship of looking for an online job. In the online world, being replaced or fired is so easy and fast because the market is broad. There will always be someone who will be better than you.

So what should you do? Be trustworthy. Being skillful or talented would not always save you from being fired. A workplace needs a trustful relationship with one another including your boss. Gain his trust, you gain his respect and retain your job or any future collaboration.

7. Always find the online job you enjoy working

Well-paying Online Job - The Freelance Couple
Find happiness success will follow

You should look for a job that you definitely love doing. Don’t think of earning big right away, that’s not possible unless you are one of the people who fooled me (Haha I still hate them). Doing the job you enjoy won’t even be called a job, as you are being paid doing something you would do without the need of money. Don’t be a slave, and look for happiness first then success will follow.


An online job may sound really good but it does come with its own downside

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the great problems of working online. As well as, trying to be focused on the task at hand might be a common trouble. Don’t worry I got you bruh. Visit this links for a more in depth explanation and guides – Staying fit and healthy for freelancers and How to overcome distraction while working at home.



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