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Looking for helper, staff or virtual assistant for your business? There are plenty of choices who to hire in regards with these, but there will always be someone who will stand out from the rest. Hiring Filipino freelancers is worth the deal, as for the reason, check out here“.

Filipino Freelancer
Hire a Filipino Freelancer

If you’ve been dancing along with Bruno Mar’s hit song “That’s What I Like” or you been into the concert of American Rock Band Journey and heard the amazing vocals of Arnel Pineda singing his own version of “Faithfully”.

You may see that they possess incredible talent and aspirations, aside from that they have a common trait, they have a Filipino blood running in them. There are also other exceptional artists not just in the entertainment industries, sports, social media and much more.

When it comes to freelancing they are also one of the leading group that has a higher growth potential. It just shows that wherever Filipino goes, they excel at doing it.

Where To Hire Filipino Freelancers?

Or rather where is the best place to hire Filipino freelance. There are a variety of choices available when it comes to websites that offer this service. The most important thing to consider is credibility and assurance. There is a risk in hiring freelancers that why it is best to practice caution.

1. has been around for some time now and becoming a central hub for Filipino Freelancer. They claimed themselves as “World’s largest and safest marketplace for Filipino workers.”

Currently, there are thousand of Filipino freelancer that you can hire based on their corresponding skills and specialties. Feel free to browse their website to know more.


With over 24m registered users and 12m jobs posted. Aside from staff, the website offers design and Hire a filipino freelanceroutput from Filipino freelancers that suit your needs. Web Design, Website Mock-up, WordPress Templates, mobile apps to graphic and architectural designs.

3. Upwork

Get access to Upwork’s database of top-quality freelancers. Upwork has been the leading online marketplace for freelancers, it also where a plethora of Filipino skilled freelancers flocks into. Offers to help you pick professional freelancers to premium talent with End-to-End Freelancer Management System.


The search engine for thousand of Filipino professionals and freelancers on the web. In fact, you won’t run out of options, search, inquire and hire. Easy as  1-2-3.

5. Toptal

Toptal offers business owner’s or company competitive and top-notch Filipino freelancers by a screening process. You can be sure that the people you hire are top quality.

Toptal is trusted by renowned companies such as airbnb, J.P.Morgan, zendesk, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and more.

6. 99designs

A place where freelancers showcase their skills and compete in designs, meet and hire talented designers to suit your business needs.  “Design is the secret to great business” –

7. PeoplePerHour

Hire Filipino freelance based on the hourly basis for as low as 1hr. In addition, you get to select appropriate Filipino freelancer for the job as easy as clicking a button.

They are just around the corner!

The reputation of Filipino freelancers is something that we all know. With multiple skills & quality performance that can compete globally.

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