Benefits of Online Jobs – Why I love to Work Online

Do you have friends who quit their job and started working online? Or heard people talking about the benefits to work online. Maybe your relatives are encouraging you to start working online instead of getting busy every day going to work.

Some people may say that it’s great and really rewarding to work at home, similarly, others think that it’s a place full of scam and fake people and getting a decent job to work online is hard while these contain facts it can also lead to misconception to other people about online jobs.

Freedom & Flexibility – Work Online

The reason why I like to work online is freedom and time. These two things come together with the world “Online Job“. You can seek for a part-time or full-time, it’s all up to you.  Many freelance marketplaces offer jobs that fit your skills.

Freedom & Flexibility – Work Online
Freedom & Flexibility – Work Online

Unlike any regular or part time jobs, you cannot select or demand the time of your work schedule, this does not apply to working online. This is one of the main advantages with freelance, you can either select the job which schedule suits you, e.g. working at night or late in the afternoon, it can range from 1hour work to 3hrs or even longer. This will depend on your employer and the type of job.

This also gives you more time to manage more important matters, spending time with family or loved ones, more games to play around like “Dota 2” or “League of Legends” or simply surfing the web. You get to enjoy more rest time and vacation and see that it’s worth it.

Less Stress

Who doesn’t want to have a stress free work? Although you got an employer to report to, still it is less stressful not seeing your boss right beside your or watching over you to work. Having less stress on work can give out more performance and self-improvement, a pressure is a good thing to stimulate potential but not at all times.

In addition, you get to avoid office conflicts and misunderstanding, although it can also happen online and some distractions can happen at home, it can be easily solved, check out our blog about overcoming distractions.

Less Expenses

For some people, 30% of their wage goes into fare expenditure, riding a bus, train or taxi, even if you have your own car, doesn’t it burns expenses too? 30% is only an estimate some can be less or more. Still, we cannot ignore that part of our income goes into transportation.

If you work online, that is staying at home, you get to discard those expenses and allocate them in some other things or increase your savings. It also saves you the trouble of buying uniforms. You may even to get to invest them!

Endless Opportunities

Benefits of Online Jobs – Why I love to Work Online 3
Endless Opportunities

Yes! opportunities and self-improvement, you don’t have to suit up and bring your suitcase filled with portfolio and resumes to every job hiring company, only to get rejected in the interview.

With online jobs, it doesn’t matter if you failed once or more, just keep on applying and eventually you will get your job.

Self-improvement can be also sought when you work online. With the various platform of jobs to choose from, you get to show off your skills, no matter how insignificant it is for others, for the online community it is a skill. You will be able to further develop your current skill and unlock more potential.


Finally, you get to do your work just by using a laptop or personal computer, of course, you need appropriate to have one that can carry out your job. If you have no idea which one is to buy or not sure about it, read our Which computer should you buy – A freelance guide“.

Payment is mostly being sent thru PayPal or depends on your employer. You can easily get in touch with your colleagues and employer anytime with different kinds of tools.


In conclusion, there’s no reward if we don’t take the risk. All things have its own pros and cons but some things can be more worth spending the risks.

Freelancing is becoming a trend now, the technology is advancing rapidly, the job system is adapting to it. How about you?

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